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Consumers like it when they have control over what products or services they can spend their money on. Most times, the consumers depend on information they find freely about goods and services to make buying decisions. In the old days, a magazine like the consumer report magazine came in handy when educating buyers about goods and services. Today, the consumers’ ball game has changed in its entirety.

Buyers have wider, bigger and better buying platforms whose home is the Internet. E-commerce websites supply everything from groceries, to clothing to services. Before a consumer can make up their minds on what service provider or general seller is the right one for them, most of them will have taken their time to assess what’s out there.

On the Internet, many of them rely on consumer reports like real customer reviews, product and service ratings, etc. However, there are a few industries that do not have enough consumer information to go back to. The essay writing industry is one of them.

What students need to

Students who are the primary consumers of essays online have a tough time choosing between two similar essay writing companies because most don’t exist in a mainstream e-commerce setting. There aren’t enough customer reviews they can use to make up their minds. Our study reveals that students who end up with best hires are the ones who take their time to study different suppliers or service providers.

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Why they need reviews

Reviews are one of the most effective ways any consumer can depend on when he or she wants to buy goods or services. They help one avoid the mistakes that have been made by previous buyers. In a way, reviews protect consumers from themselves. Apart from, consumers, such as students can be able to discover new ways of solving their problems if they are exposed to reviews, including benefiting from effective options, discounts, freebies, etc.

How this website works

usscreenwriter.com collects and publishes a lot of information about essay writing companies. The first set of reviews we have comes from real customer feedback. Students who have used the services of a custom essay writing company come here with their feedback. After we have studied it, we are able to list some of the top service providers.

To verify what they post or write on this website, we also send out experts to review and rate essay writing companies independently. We publish the feedback on this website.